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Massachusetts Merit System Reporter

Volume 10, Issue 2: Spring 1997


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The Massachusetts Merit System Reporter is published four times a year. Galen Gilbert is Editor and Publisher; Alexander Macmillan is a Contributing Editor, and Larry C. O'Bryan is Counsel. The address for correspondence, both subscription and editorial related, is 30 Edgerly Road, Boston, Mass. 02115, Tel. (617) 266-6029, which is also the Gilbert & O'Bryan LLP. This law office is available for consultation on matters of civil service law.

Subscriptions to the Massachusetts Merit System Reporter are $120 per year. Back issues, library-bound volumes, the contents on computer disks, and full texts of Civil Service Commission decisions via fax or photocopy are all available to subscribers for fees.

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Medal reproduced on the cover, title page and end page by Augustus St. Gaudens: Presentation Medal of the Women's Auxiliary of the Massachusetts Civil Service Reform Association. Gift of Lisa Baskin, Class of 1964, and Leonard Baskin for the Marqusee Collection of American Medals, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University.